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About Touchwood E-cigs

Welcome to Touchwood E-cigs


The Touchwood is now available in four battery sizes, the 18350 (mini) 18500, 18650 and 26650.


The mini measures 25x40x60mm, the 18500 is 25x40x80, the 18650 is 25x40x95 and the 26650 is 32x48x95mm


Wood options include Bubinga, Wenge, Walnut, Padauk and African Blackwood in addition to the original reclaimed Australian Jarrah.


Other options include a brushed finish toplate or a mirror polished bottom plate. If choosing the latter option do bear in mind that the mod is usually stood on it's base so care would need to be taken to avoid it becoming scratched - that's why i have so far supplied them with a brushed finish on the bottom plate.


All mods have a 510 connector which can be supplied either raised to allow for bottom airflow, or if you don't use atomizers that require bottom airflow they can be supplied flush to allow the atomizer to screw down to the toplate with no gap.


The centrepin is of the "floating" type to allow for variation in thread length of the various atomizers that may be used, you just need to press down on the battery to re-set the pin to it's highest position then it will auto adjust when you screw the atomizer onto the mod - no tools required.


The contact spring is of high quality with very little voltage drop at normal coil resistances, but a direct contact springless centrepin  can be supplied on request for 18650 and 26650 models. Though this is a little more difficult to set up it does ensure there is no voltage drop due to resistance in the spring.


All mods are fully mechanical, containing no wiring and are easily dismantled for cleaning, all parts are available as spares apart from the body and endplates which being handmade are matched and all slightly different in profile. (I can supply a replacement body which is oversize and would need to be profiled to match your endplates)


If you have not already got a source of batteries, chargers, vapourizers and E liquid I can strongly recommend www.cloud9vaping.co.uk who stock everything you'll need to make your Touchwood work at optimum performance.  


Happy vaping,